Why when I launch my computer it crashes? RESOLVED

When I turn my computer on, it crashes and says automatic repair couldn’t repair my pc. The issue started when I was playing some games, and my computer suddenly froze. When I turned off and on again, and put my password in, it would crash and loop, then say windows didn’t load correctly. I tried fixing it and eventually tried reinstalling windows, but it still didn’t work, and now it doesn’t even get to the log-in page, and says automatic repair couldn’t repair my pc. How can I fix this?

Update (02/17/24)

UPDATE: My boy Kyle fixed it up. He said “I just messed around with the drive settings till it was gooder”, so I don’t really know what happened, but it worked. (for now at least).

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Hi @opabomination,

Can you get into BIOS OK on startup?

Have you tried starting Windows in safe mode?

What is the make and model number of the motherboard in the PC?


I can get into BIOS, when I went into Safe Mode, everything seemed ok (at least that’s what I saw) and my motherboard is a gigabyte matx b460.



Working in safe mode usually is an indication that there's a 3rd party program problem or driver problem as only Windows is loaded and not any 3rd party Startup apps also only generic Windows drivers are loaded and not drivers specific to the hardware.

You could try starting in safe mode and then open Task Manager → Startup to see what programs are being loaded during startup. Try disabling them "one at a time" and then check if it starts OK in normal mode.

To get to Task Manager, right click on the Taskbar. In Task Manager → Startup, right click on the program → disable. and then restart the PC and check.

If disabling a program causes more problems simply enable it again the same way that you disabled it.


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