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The Sony VAIO VPCEB4AFX is a 15.5-inch laptop computer released by Sony in April 2008. The laptop was only sold in a gunmetal black color.

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Why when I plug into charger, no signs of life?

When i plug it in, it has no signs of life and wont start up.

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Hi @melneldell

If you have a DMM (digital multimeter) check that there's 19.5V DC at the output plug of the charger to prove that it is OK.

If the charger is OK then perhaps it is a faulty DC-In jack (supplier example only) that is the problem.

Here's a video that shows how to open the laptop and test if the DC-In jack is OK or not. I realize that it is not for the exact same model but it should be close enough to show what to do.

If the DC-In jack is faulty it cannot be repaired, it has to be replaced. Search online for Sony VAIO VPCEB4AFX DC In jack to find suppliers that suit you best.

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Actually, when i press the power button, it won't start up and the fans dont spin.



If there's no power being supplied to the motherboard from the charger, then the battery can't be charged either and it may be too discharged to do anything.

Check the answer above to prove if power is getting to the motherboard


Oh wait, last question. If I replace the battery with charge (about 30-70%), will the laptop boot?



Assuming that you're inserting a different battery then if it is a compatible battery it should turn on the laptop.

Not all batteries are the same even if they look the same as they can have different wiring functions between the battery and where they're intended to be plugged into so be careful. The wrong battery can damage the laptop and also the battery.

Check the battery type or model number printed on the battery.

Not sure re your particular laptop but it "may be" something like VGP-BPS22 or similar. Both have to be the same number or if not check if the replacement is a compatible one before plugging it in.


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