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ASUS TUF Gaming Laptop - FX505D-DBQ234T with i5-8750H and Nvidia gforce GTX. MFD-2019-05.

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How to replace Sound ic

My asus tuf gaming laptop has a crackling sound pop up and I found out its the sound ic that is burnt during recording directly from sound mixer, so I need to change sound ic, help me with how to find sound ic and how to replace it.

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Hi @natnaeladmas

The audio codec IC is a 48 pin Realtek ALC233-VB2-CG IC (supplier examples only)

To remove/replace the audio IC you will need smd (surface mount device) soldering skills and tools to do the repair.

I suggest that you remove the motherboard from the laptop case to do this. Here's a video that may help.

If doing this yourself is too daunting, contact a reputable, professional laptop repair service and ask for a quote to do the repair.

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