no power, security light blinking

The key fob doesn't lock/unlock doors, no horn no start, interior/exterior no lights, relays clicking in the rhythm of a car alarm and only the door open light works on the dash, i tried do disconnect the battery, but it still does the same thing

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Hi @fixer1084,

What is the year of the vehicle?


@jayeff 2013, also i jump started it and the alarm immediately went off, but after i disconnected and reconnected the battery it everything seems fine, although i don't know what caused this to happen



Not totally sure, a glitch in the BCM perhaps.

Given that there were that many problems all at once it may have something to do with the BCM (body control module).

I'm suggesting the BCM because the keyless entry has its own module but it sends a signal to the BCM to perform the function i.e. door locks, light, horn etc.

Also the horn if manually operated, should work regardless of the key being inserted in the ignition and this is also controlled by the BCM.


Sounds like something was left on and drained the battery too low for anything but a flashing LED.


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