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The V2 Controller comes in different Generations. You’re looking at Generation 4.

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Controller charging Issues, orange Light Indicator, Lack of Charging

I put the controller on charge, light turned to orange, but it's not charging the battery

I tried it without the battery and only with the battery; it works fine, but there is no charging at all

How can I fix the issue?

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Does the controller function, is it useable? Try to rule out each component. Battery, usb port, usb ribbon cable, pwmic, battery terminal, and so on. Test the voltage on the battery while its unplugged, if the battery is too "flat" it'll never charge again. Try it again with a known good working battery. If the battery has voltage try it in a known working controller and see what happens.

Test voltages at the power management ic, going into and out from.

Had a ps3 controller recently no charge no power. Turned out to be a rotten via on the ground line of the battery terminal. Ran a jumper wire through to the ground leg of the battery connector problem solved. So many things can be the cause. You just have to hunker down and start the process of elimination til you zero in on the culprit. Start with the easy stuff and go from there. Good luck.

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First of all thank you for your ideas

I think the power managment ic is the issue


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