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Broken Screen Display on Onn. 50 Inch Roku 4K TV

Listen as TCL because there is no option for Onn.

My problem is shown in pics below, any help?

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My Onn 50" is doing exactly this as well. It has a lagging lowest 1/4 of screen and flickering on bottom half. This just started out of nowhere a week ago.


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@caidenspencer The bottom part of the screen freezing is an odd one. Normally I would have said it's a bad panel but this could also be a bad main board. Actually more precise whether the memory or the GPU on it. We really would need to see those boards. If you can, remove the back cover from your TV and post some good pictures of all of the boards. Lets' see if there are any obviously damaged components etc. I am not saying it's not a bad panel (failed driver boards) but it's just a bit odd.

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