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Repair guides and support for the C30, a premium compact hatchback/sports coupe made by Volvo.

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What does the CEM computer module do in a 2009 C30

I bought this car and the computer module was bypassed. The Volvo dealer wants to reinstall a new one. The car ran fine with the bypass. What would happen if I didn't replace it?

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@johnkuti we are not even sure how this was bypassed. The Central Electronic Module (CEM) is the main electrical module that communicates with the rest of the car's modules i.e. ECU, BCM, ABS and many others. There are just to many things that could be happening. Check the Wiring Diagram 2009 Volve C30 wiring diagram to see what all connects to it. If your Volvo runs the way it is now and if there are absolutely no issues with it, leave it alone. you may just end up going down a rabbit hole that could get pretty costly.

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