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Is this white-washed screen caused by a faulty T-Con board or panel?

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I have owned this LCD TV since 2012. The only repair was the replacement of the PSU a few years ago. Apart from that, no issues. Recently, all was working fine until I switched on to see it appear as so. The day before it was working fine. There is sound. Could this be a T-Con board issue? If not, what could it be? Thank you.

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@peterraj yes, it could be a T-con board issue but I do not like the difference between the left and right side as well as the other anomalies. If you can get a T-con board for a decent price give that a try first. While you replace it, check the LVDS cables for corrosion, tears etc. Post some pictures of your boards with your question so we can see all of it and possibly find a solution Adicionar imagens a uma pergunta já existente

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Hey oldturkey03, thank you for the response. I will upload some pictures of the boards in a day or so. One more question in the meantime. My TV model is c70le735x and the T-Con board is DUNTKF778FMF8. I can't seem to find the full part number on the board though. Any idea where is it on the board?

Also, can I use the T-Con board from the c70le735u model instead of the c70le735x model?

Thanks a lot!


@peterraj possible but I can't make out the numbers on your T-con board image. Trying really hard to make out what it says in the top left corner. The :-)


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