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My screen suddenly died. Looks like typical damage, but with no cause.

The TV in question is a Philips 58PUS7505/12.

The problem appeared suddenly whilst watching TV. Remote still works, as i was able to pause what i was watching etc. The sound also worked for a bit, though heavily distorted.

The screen also constantly flickers, what i mean by this is that sometimes there is only a thin vertical strip, sometimes it takes over almost the whole screen (like on the picture attached)

Block Image

Anyone who encountered a similar problem, any help is appreciated. I bought the TV only 2 years ago, and have not used it heavily, so i dont really want to buy a new one again. Thanks in advance

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@greyshan_ that does very much look like a panel error which would be bad. Time to take it off the wall and to check it out. Remove the back cover and check the boards for bad components. Take some good pictures and post those with your question Adicionar imagens a uma pergunta já existente

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