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The AcuRite Intelli-Time is a digital alarm clock with automatic daylight savings switching and support for multiple time zones. This page is specifically for the 5.4-inch model.

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happy new year to all on ifixit

happy new year to all the ifixit legends




@everyone else i can't remember as im on the beer

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@lore_io same to you


@tech_ni HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too my friend. How is the family? How is the baby and mum?


@oldturkey03 all good shes over 6 weeks old now


@tech_ni Beautiful!!!! I am happy for you friend. Kids are a gift and a blessing. Yes, they are a PITA, even mine in her early 20's but still the best thing that has ever happened to me :-) You are blessed my friend!


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@tech_ni Happy New Year Sir!

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Happy new year, lets make this a good one!

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daniel será eternamente grato(a).
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