Aorus 17G cannot charge the battery

Several weeks ago I spilled some tea on my Aorus 17G laptop. I turned it off immediately and tried to remove all moisture as fast as I could. I also removed the bottom plate to let it dry faster and applied the warm air stream with the hair dryer from some distance. As a result, the laptop seemed to work as usual with no signs of failure, until today when I decided to disconnect its power adapter. The laptop turned off immediately and could not boot without the power adapter.

I removed the bottom plate of the laptop, disconnected the battery, and measured the voltage. It was about 12.6 Volts which probably indicates that the battery is discharged close to the minimum. Here's the picture of the battery: its model is GAG-N4A and P/N:541387460014 . The stated voltage is 15.2V which I guess corresponds to the battery pack of 4 li-ion cells.

Block Image

So, the problem is: the laptop do not charge the battery. Also, the Windows indicator shows the battery status as 100% charged.

My question is: what could be the reason and what could I try to do to fix that problem? My best guess is the battery controller malfunctioned or went into some sort of protection mode.

P.S.: I guess the white and yellow lines in the middle of the battery connector could be SMBus lines. I can try to communicate the battery with Arduino to get more details or even try to reset the controller if it's still alive. I never did anything like that. Did anyone try something like that?


I was able to take the laptop apart and found the motherboard model printed on its inner side. It is GA-RX7GKD rev: 1.1

Block Image

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Hi @silviosalgari

What is the make and model number of the motherboard (printed on the board itself)?

I'm guessing that the liquid damaged a component before you managed to dry the board.

Knowing the board model will hopefully find the schematics for the board so that you can check if the battery charge path components are all OK.


Hi @jayeff

Thanks so much for your answer! Sorry for the delay, today I was able to take the laptop apart and found the motherboard model printed on its inner side. It is GA-RX7GKD rev: 1.1

I did not found any signs of water on that side of the board also. Just a uniform layer of dust covering the board without smudges or traces of drops



I couldn't find any schematics for the motherboard.

The only thing that I found that may be useful is this where it looks like user called Gcs_rma (see post #2) might have the boardview file (hopefully a schematic as well) of the motherboard.

Perhaps you could contact them and ask.


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