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The 2005 version of Volkswagen Beetle is the upgraded version of the 1998 edition, which obviously came with a large number of improvements and advanced features.

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No start issue. Vehicle turns over but does not stay running.

2006 Volkswagen beetle turns over but does not stay running. The antitheft light is flashing on the dash.

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Hi @carol70730

The immobilizer system is preventing the engine from fully turning on.

Are you using a spare fob key to try and start the car or the one that has worked OK before?

Has the car battery been disconnected at all just before this problem occurred? If so the stored immobilizer - fob key programming information may have been lost

If it is the usual key then it could be a problem with the fob key (doubtful, unless it was dropped once too often or got very wet) or more likely a problem with the immobilizer program e.g. it may no longer recognize the key as a valid fob key to turn on the engine etc.

Here's a link that describes how to reprogram the key if that is the problem. You will need to have 2 keys to be able to try this.

If still no good, you may have to contact a VW dealer and ask them. Either that or a reputable locksmith that does car fob key replacement/re-programming etc.

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