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Repair information for AEG clothes dryers.

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Condensed water is collected in front of the condenser (AEG T86590IH)

What might be the problem when my dryer collects the condensed water in front of the condenser unit bottom? After the drying the small tumble dryer basement lint filter element in front of the condenser unit is under water and no water has been flowing to the backside of the water tank where the emptying pump is. No water is pumped to the dryer water tank on top of the dryer during the drying. The pump is working ok, I tried pumping with the test mode C2. Is it possible that behind the condenser element there is fluff blocking the water from flowing to the pump compartment? What should I check? Is it for example possible to flush the fluff somehow behind the condenser unit without dismantling the whole dryer?

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Hi @petteripesonen

Check if the condensation water level sensor is OK and if it is, that its signal path back to the control board is OK.

When water starts to fill the tray, the sensor rises and it sends a signal to the control board to turn on the pump that pumps the water to the tank.

Here's the service manual for the dryer that may help.

The following pages in the manual, deal with the water level sensor:

  • p.10 (Item #19) and p.12 (Item #5) to view its location in the dryer
  • p.15 (Item #5) to see where it connects to the control board if you need to check that its connection back to the control board is OK,
  • p.17 Sect. 4.6 Level sensor to see how it functions.
  • p.36 to see how to remove it so that you can check if it is OK.

If the sensor is faulty, unfortunately there's no parts list in the manual, but I think that the part # is 1366140018. Hopefully this may be printed on the sensor so that you can verify that it is.

If it is the part number (or whatever number is on the sensor in your dryer), search online for the part number only to find suppliers that suit you best.

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Hi jayeff,

Thanks a lot for the manual !!

The water level sensor is working, the pump is working.

I checked by using the pump in test mode.

I put some water to the tray and started pump in test mode C2.

It pumped until the tray was empty, water was collected in the removable water tank in top part of the dryer like it is supposed to do.

I have a spare water level sensor, I have used that also.

Somehow it seems like the condensed water is not flowing to the backside pit of the bottom tray where the pump and sensor are located.

I was thinking if there is some lint behind the condenser unit which blocks the water from flowing to the pump pit and then the condensed water is flooding in front of the condenser ?

The other thing that I was thinking was if the air fan does not give enough air speed for the moist air and the moisture condensates and flows to the wrong side of the condenser unit resulting water flood in front of the condenser...

Despite the flooding the drying of clothes is ok, I just need to dry/remove the water from the machine after each run otherwise it will overflow to floor...

Maybe I need to dismantle the dryer to atoms and see if there is something blocking the water flow.

I did not check the manual yet but it looks like that it is not too easy to enter / see inside the tray behind the condenser...



Presumably it just runs down to collect in the tray first, maybe the tray fill hole is blocked.

On p.12 it shows the water circuit i.e. pipes, tray and pump etc, maybe check them first.


Looks like the condensed water doesn't flow to the back part of the tray (11.Base - lower part, see page 10) from the capacitor (12). Instead water collects in front of the grid. I tried to flush the tray fill hole which is leading water to the pump department from the capacitor. Next step is to see if that helped. Have to wait and collect some laundry... if the problem still exists then I may have to remove the Base upper part (nr.10 on page 10) and look inside the base if there is still some blockage..


Problem solved !!

I removed the pump and level sensor along with the pump holder plate.

Then I used a tap water hose and sprayed water with pressure into the hole from where the water is supposed to flow to the pump pit. Small amount of lint came out with the water flowing out from inside the closed bottom tray. There must have been somewhere inside a blockage and the flushing removed it.

Now the dryer is working perfectly and the condensed water is collected in the water tank.

Great thanks @jayef for your tips and the manual !!


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