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Repair information for Samsung dishwashers.

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Switch in top of door broken on my Samsung dishwasher model DW80K505O

The switch in the top of the door broke on my Samsung dishwasher model DW80K505O.⏎
It appears to have broken and fallen inside the machine's front door, and it will now not operate.⏎
I believe this is a metal plate with a creased/bent top edge area.⏎
I'm sure this is just a microswitch needing replacement, but I am unable to find documentation showing me exactly what this part is, its actual description, and its item model number, so I can find this part and purchase it.⏎
Please help me.

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Hi @stevemushynsky

There are 25 dishwasher models having a model number beginning with DW80K505O

Going on the assumption that the door switch part #DD81-02132A and the door switch cover part #DD97-00256A used is the same in all variants, search online for the manufacturer's part number only to find suppliers that suit you best.

Click on the model number linked above, and then click on the model number for your model, to check if the manufacturer's part numbers are the same as shown above, just to be sure. Search for door switch in the Search part description search box in the middle of the parts page for your model

Note: The supplier linked was not a recommendation to use them. It was only to show the different model variants, the location of the parts, the manufacturer's part number (not the parts supplier's) and their possible cost. There may be other suppliers that suit you better

Imagem de DD81-02132A - Samsung Dishwasher Switch


DD81-02132A - Samsung Dishwasher Switch


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