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Flow Meter Sensor for Culligan CTM Softener

Hi there!

I have a Culligan CTM Top Mount Softener. I understand that one end of the cable is supposed to connect to the main control board (done that!), but i am having a hard time figuring out what the other end (where the plastic sensor is located) is supposed to go. Any hint will be much appreciated!

  • Kevin

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HI @kevinlee38086

Here's the manual that may help.

See p.5 for the location of the flow meter. Presumably the flowmeter sensor attaches to it somehow

Usually flowmeters are a turbine located inline with the incoming (or outgoing) water supply and it rotates when the water flows through it. One of the blades of the turbine has a magnet attached to it. When it passes the sensor the magnet operates a reed switch in the sensor, which sends a pulse to the control board. Basically the control board counts the number of pulses it receives so it knows how much water has passed through the flowmeter i.e. no flow, no pulse

Did you get the sensor in a package with the sensor's part number on it?

If so the manual has a parts diagram with a parts list which shows the location of the parts as well as its part number. You may be able to locate the sensor location that way.

It also shows the connections on the control board as well

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