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black line on the left hand side

Hi can anybody give me any information on my problem with Toshiba 49 inch tv I have a black line on the left hand side going down from top to bottom its only 3 years old still works great with great picture apart from the black line I have googled it and its saying lcd panel faulty so looked online for a tv repairs near me he's looked at it and said can't be fixed but he will buy it off me so he's pulling a fast one can I ask if I changed the boards would this fix the problem or is the tv totally knackered thanks for any help I really appreciate it.

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@david95169 going by just your description, this sounds like one of the ribbon cables from the driver boards to the LCD panel is not functioning. those are attached via a special bonding process, so they can not be removed by the normal DIY'er. We would need to see what this look like. Check the driver boards (long skinny boards that connect to the TV via multiple thin ribbon cables. Check to see if one of those ribbon cables corresponds with that black line. Exert some light pressure on the ribbon cables and see if the line on your TV changes.

Pictures are always great to tell the story :-). Post some of your display as well as what the boards etc. look like. No, if this is the issue, your TV can't be fixed with any kind of board replacement.

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