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The Dell 2005FPW is a 20-inch LCD monitor released in 2005. It was an early widescreen monitor with a resolution of 1680x1050 and an aspect ratio of 16:10.

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schematic for Dell 2005FPW

Does anyone still have a copy of this schematic for the Dell 2005FPW available for download.

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thank you oldturkey03


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racheney, you can get it once more from here It is still the original file, but is now posted on Amazing where one finds ones files....;-) Anyhow it is available, but does require free registration. Good Luck.

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+ Yes it amazing OT3 ;). Have you read the new ISP requirements coming up in July 2012?


That is why it pays off to consider your ISP as the enemy and to be vigilant about anything that is being send out. Big Brother is definitely watching. I do try to limit my bandwidth usage (big give-away to the ISP) and to archive my files whenever possible. But in general it pays to keep ones nose clean, obtain ones movies and music legally and to stay under the radar. For as long as we are governed by SIG like the RIAA and MPAA we can't win......;) kind of like China.


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thank you oldturkey03

the file is a pdf

and can be found here.

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your link has been turned off. That is why I had it originally posted as a comment, so that it does not become part of a permanent answer. :-) The file is on


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