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The Lexus CT is a hybrid electric automobile introduced by Lexus as a premium sport compact hatchback.

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How to fit a reversing camera

Hi I bought a reversing camera kit for my lexus ct200h and I want to find the reversing triger wire so it pop up on my screen can you help with this thank you

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Hi @michaelbar85577

Here's an image showing the wiring diagram for the rearview camera connections from the CT200h service manual.

It shows the wiring running from the Park Assist ECU to the camera.

If this isn't how your car is already wired then usually once the camera's video cable has been run back and connected to the entertainment/navigation unit etc, you connect the camera's power wire (trigger?) to a reversing light's power input connection and the camera's earth lead to a convenient earth point on the chassis or the earth connection on the reversing light. So when the reverse gear is engaged, power is supplied to the light as well as to the camera, turning it on.

Usually car entertainment/navigation units have a designated rearview camera input terminal to which the camera's video connections should be made. When the reverse gear is selected the video on the rear camera input is switched to the screen

Block Image

(click on image)

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