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Milwaukee rapid charger for M18 & M1 series batteries.

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Repair service milwaukee charger

I have a rapid charger that quit. I would like it fixed.

Is this a service you provide?

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Hi @perrymcgrawii

ifixit does not do repairs.

It provides this forum where people can find repair guides and ask for or give advice on how to repair devices themselves

It also sells various tools and parts required for electronics repairs but these are mostly for mobile phones and computers and other similar types of electronic devices. (Go to Store → Parts at the top of this page).

For electronic component parts e.g. resistors, capacitors, diodes etc you need to go to places such as, or and search for them there.

I couldn't find any service manuals or schematic diagrams for the model you selected with your question, however I did find this link which might help, if you decide to open it up and check for any obvious damage to the components on the board, as it gives the specifications for them - see post #3.

Note: The link above may not be applicable to your particular model variant as there seems to be several different ones. Also it seems that Milwaukee doesn't carry any spare parts for it except for the labels. Presumably they deem it to be irreparable.

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