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Why can’t I fix my Fridgedair dehumidifier?

There are no repair shops in my province willing to even attempt a repair to any dehumidifier. The company only offers a one year guarantee and any problems that occur after that are apparently unfixable and the machine is useless. That is ridiculous…in my estimation.

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Hi @peterguravich,

What is the model number of the dehumidifier and what is the problem with it?


Frigidaire (Electrolux) Model FFAP5033W1

Error: E0 or E1 (have to run it for an hour or so before it stops and the error message appears).


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Hi @peterguravich

Those error codes aren't mentioned in the user guide

Best that I can find out is that an E1 code indicates a problem with the humidity sensor circuit. (sensor or mainboard?)

The user manual at least has a diagram on p.3 showing that the humidity sensor is connected to the CN1 connector on the mainboard.

Given that the sensor doesn't appear to be available as a replacement part the best that I can suggest is that you try to locate the sensor from the connection on the mainboard and check if there's any information marked on it that may help you to find the part and try changing that first.

There's very little in the way of any spare parts for the model so it's not surprising that reputable repair services won't touch it, as they cannot get the parts to fix it e.g no fan, no mainboard, no compressor capacitor, no sensor etc. Not their fault, its Frigidaire's. Seems like it was built to a price and hope that it lasts the warranty period.

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Thank you for the speedy reply and this information. As you suggest, this is a problem that originates with the manufacturer. I will check the mainboard to see if I can locate the sensor and get a part number, but as you also suggest, it is unlikely that one exists or is a available… as a separate part that can be purchased. This particular problem happens quite frequently with these machines, apparently. Our is only two years old!


@peterguravich If you can take a good high resolution picture of the board and possibly the sensor (assuming you can find it) then post it to your question and we'll see if we can help find it.

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Will do. Might be a few days before I can take that machine apart. Thanks for all the help.


The actual error code that finally appeared after the machine ran for a few hours is: “EC”

That probably means something other than the humidity sensor is the problem.



EC occurs when the dehumidifier is operating outside of the surrounding temperature parameters of 41°F to 89°F or the supply voltage is not at least 115V AC. If they're outside of these parameters it will shut down with the error code.

Looking at the diagram on p.3 there is only one sensor (humidity) unless there's a water pipe switch temperature sensor? as well connected to connectors CN2 and CN3.

It has got to know somehow that the temps are/are not what it is designed to operate under. Usually this is achieved using a sensor of some sort.

Do you have power problems where you are? If the voltage supply was <115V AC for example, the control board might not operate as designed hence the error


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