Service Stabilitrak and Traction Control problem

Hello everybody.
I have Chevy Cruze 2014 1.4 turbo car.
Today, when I was on road suddenly turned on Stabilitrak warning light. Car engine speed began to increase to 3800-5000 and more. The door locks started opening and closing frequently. The transmission started to malfunction. The car began to shake violently. Also turned on Power Steering Warning. I was confused because the car says “not to drive me”.
I went to the master right away. He diagnosed the car and said that there was a problem with the transmission head. Another mechanic said to change the fuse box.
Please let me know if you encounter this problem. I want to fix this car exactly.
Thanks in advance.

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You're describing electronics issues. Since electronics relies on a regulated power source, examine main power and their connections. How old is the battery and if in doubt, have it tested by any auto store selling car batteries. Examine both battery cable connectors for severe corrosion, easily cleaned with a warm water solution and baking soda mix, dissolving dried battery acid. Plain water rinse. Examine one or two negative cables from battery to chassis and chassis to engine block.


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