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Pc was working, been moved, now no display, no bios but runs.

Hi all,

Been asked to fix a pc again, it needed a new powersupply so I fitted that. All good, mother in lA picked it up, took it back when they got home something had happened as a stick of ram was out of its slot (lord knows how) now it’s no displaying anything.

I’ve taken the whole pc apart taken out the cmos battery. Replaced everything. And the bios flickered on for a min then selected boot and it returned to no display.

Can’t think of anything apart the mobo is fried, any advice?

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Hi @andymckenna7351,

What is the make and model number of the PC or motherboard if a custom build?

If a custom build what CPU model and GPU card make and model (if applicable)?

Is there isn't already one installed, try connecting a system speaker (example only) to the appropriate header pins on the motherboard so that you can hear if any beep error codes are produced on startup.

Check the motherboard manual for the location of the system speaker (aka buzzer) header pin connector on the board.

If there are any beeps heard on startup it means that the PC is not passing POST (power on self test). Search online for (insert motherboard maker's name e.g. Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, ASRock etc) beep error codes to find out what the code means.

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So an update I’ve got it back to my office, plugged it in and it works fine, check all the event logs from when i was rebuilding it and all good.

The screen they are using is an oldish tv unit and hdmi cable (the cable works with his Xbox so assumed it should work with the pc)

It’s a gigabyte ga-z87-hd3 mobo, I7 1150 4.00 ghz, gtx 1080 gpu.

Thinking maybe the hdmi cable they have failed to connect with the graphics card is that possible? If not can’t think why an hour journey in a car and all of a sudden it works back here!



So presumably pre the faulty PSU the existing setup at your mother's place worked OK?

Nothing in Event logs indicate a problem back in the POST- boot loading completed stage

Maybe moving it caused something to move (flex?)

I realize that you said "...taken the whole pc apart..." did that include removing the motherboard?

Just wondering if a standoff may have moved and the motherboard touched something it shouldn't have.

To bounce a ram module out would have taken a good jolt. Never known one to leap out by itself, especially those with retaining clips ;-)

All you can do is to take it back and try again. If it still doesn't turn on there again maybe try the paperclip test on the PSU to make sure that all the voltages are correct.

Do you know why the original PSU failed? Storm? Power outage?


It’s always turned on just nothing displayed,

When the farther in law brought it up it slipped off the seat in the car with the power cable still inserted so damaged the psu that’s why I changed it.

Yep nothing in the event logs at all.

I didn’t remove the motherboard, but I took everything off in order to try and locate a faulty piece of hardware to no joy.

So now it works plugged into one of my spare monitors, with no issues.

Maybe old tv isn’t accepting on the resolution input the gpu is outputting?



I assumed that it was connected to the same TV before when it was working OK but maybe not.

You should have been able to get into BIOS with a display as normally the resolution is basic vga resolution of 640 x 480 (unless you change it that is), but it mightn't look that good.

The resolution only changes once Windows has loaded the video drivers. Before that it is determined by the BIOS firmware on the motherboard.


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