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A 250GB 2.5" SATA Hard Drive released by Western Digital.

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What date is this? Was this before 9/11?

Block Image

Block Image

Was My hard drive made somewhere september 2001 or on the 9th of september 2001?

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My aunt used to work in the North tower near the bottom floors and she came out on the 11th with her work bag and an old laptop with this 20 GB IDE drive in it, was It made right before 9/11? Just wanted to give some backstory and was curious lol.


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Hi @chase757

Where was the HDD manufactured as it isn't quite shown in the image you posted?

This will tell you what format that the date is in i.e. day, month, year.

It certainly appears to be the 9th September (SEP), 2001 as the month is spelt out and is not a number i.e. 09.

So it would be 2 days before the 11th of September 2001

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Western digital i think is says



In the image you posted I can only see "Prod" with "product" written underneath it. What does it say there?


I added another photo next to the original photo so now you can see the entire sticker, Its also a product of Malaysia.



Reputable manufacturers usually don't post date the date of manufacture shown on a product.

It is hard to imagine that a HDD manufactured in Malaysia on the 9th of September, 2001 would already be in use in a laptop in the USA on the 11th of September 2001, even allowing for the fact that Malaysia is +12 hours ahead of New York.

It could also simply be a replacement HDD installed sometime after the 11th of September and not the one that came with the laptop originally and was in situ on the 11th.

One way perhaps to verify when the HDD first came into use in the laptop, is to connect the HDD to a PC using a IDE to USB adapter (example only) and check for the earliest date of any "personal files" stored in the Documents folder in the HDD and see what date they were created on or amended. That is if it is still working and if there's any data on it at all of course ;-)

No good looking at the OS system files due to the system files may have been written years before (depending on the OS) and that is not the date that the OS was installed in the laptop.

Although this doesn't mean that the HDD didn't come from another laptop and was simply swapped in. So it may be hard to know exactly


Thats nice to know (: I dont know much about what computer she used in the tower, probably a destop. It is hard to think that she had a 3.5 inch drive in a laptop anyway... Hmm thanks for keeping me informed (:


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