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Model M7572 / 400 or 500 MHz G3 processor

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120GB hard drive into a pismo

I have what I thought was a compatible HD-a WD Scorpio Blue 120 GB and I've sucessfully disemboweled my Pismo powerbook (the old HD is an IBM travelstar 12GB). But the connector pins look really different on the new HD. Have I got the wrong thing? have I not removed something? The wide flat cable connecting the hard drive to the logic board is what I'm talking about. Thanks

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a picture would help


That sounds like my mistake- the drive is SATA not ATA/IDE. Thanks for the help!


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If it's not an ATA HD it's not right. ATA devices are also commonly called IDE, EIDE, Ultra-ATA, Ultra-DMA, ATAPI, PATA, (each of these acronyms actually do refer to very specific items, but are commonly interchanged). ATA connector is a two inch wide ribbon cable with 40-pin data connections and receive the 5V necessary to power them from the familiar 4-pin connection. (SATA NOT the same thing as ATA)SATA have a half inch wide, 7 “blade and beam” data connection, which results in a much thinner and easier to manage data cable. AFAIK the Scorpio Blue is a SATA drive.

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The Scorpio Blue is a SATA drive and will not work in your computer. You need an ATA/IDE drive. I would return the SATA drive and purchase the correct drive--good luck.

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Here's the type of drive that will work: [produto vinculado ausente ou desativado: IF107-008-1]?

Here's how to install it: PowerBook G3 Pismo Hard Drive Replacement


is there any remedy (hack) to install a sata hd in a mac power book g 3 ?


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