Television shut off while watching and has a blinking red light.

TV has power, has a blinking red light that blinks twice intermittently. It's a Sharp LC-58Q733OU.

Power supply is good as it has proper voltages on power supply and on media board. I'm suspecting a faulty video chip or but I am not an expert on that, I just know how to hot air it off and replace it. It's a COHT CCU1221A11N. Checked for ground faults and had one on the 3rd leg of bottom right of chip above the "33" in the photo

Block Image

. And to my knowledge there shouldn't be a direct fault to ground on these chips but I may be wrong. Any help is appreciated.

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Hi @luckymurphy,

Try following the trace that the 3rd leg on the bottom of the chip leads to and remove components along that trace to prove whether the earth is coming from within the chip or is a faulty component somewhere along that path


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