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Power Supply Replacement Question 17" to 20"

Is it possible to swap in internal "guts" of a iMac 17" power supply into a 20" non-working power supply?

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The Power Supply's are different sizes, a 17" might work in a 20", but definitely not the other way around. when you sad "internal guts" I hope you don't mean actually opening the Power supply..

if incase the big warning that says "DO NOT OPEN, DANGER OF ELECTRICAL SHOCK!" wasn't good enought for ya.. let me say.. DO NOT Open a power supply.. the capacitors store power even when its unplugged.. and we're not looking for "darwin award" nominees here.

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Thanks - I will not attempt to open. I was also wondering about the bracket that holds the hard drive for a 20" iMac g5. This seems like a tricky part to obatin. Any idea on where I can find this?

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