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Repair and more information for the LG LRSC26925** refrigerator—a side-by-side style refrigerator with an ice dispenser, using an automatic defrost system and an anti-sweat heater switch, first introduced in 2005. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern LRSC26925**.

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Lg fridge not cooling/freezing. Freezer light is on


My lg fridge is not cooling/freezing at all.

The freezer light is on though but the fridge light isn’t and neither is the display screen for temperatures on the front of the door of the fridge.

The compressor and all the other stuff in the back is not running either. Is this an electrical issue? I tried clicking reset button on the motherboard but it doesn’t do anything

Model NO. LRSC26925TT

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Hi @alimehdi5125

It might be a faulty main pcb board.

Here's the Service manual for the refrigerator.

On p.23 there's the wiring diagram showing the power supply input circuit.

You may have to start checking the voltages on the main pcb board e.g. +12V and +5V are OK as these are required by the board to work to operate the refrigerator.

If the board is faulty there is also a main pcb board components parts list which would help to find replacements for any faulty components. Alternatively the board part number is EBR58010501 if you wish to get the entire board

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