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A swimming pool is a container filled with water intended for swimming or water-based recreation.

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Where can I purchase a thermal protector for 1 hp electric motor?

I have a 1 hp Century Pool and Spa Motor. I found the thermal protector is burnt out. I am searching for a single thermal protector so I can repair the pump. The part number on it is 8Am4bvhf11m6r . I have attached the numbering system for a similar manufacturer. Additionally the part has TI MEXICO & KLIXON. Thank you in advance for any help. Pool Repair Thermal Protector

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Pool Repair Thermal Protector

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Hi @danielruyter

Don't know the answer but try contacting Sensata and ask them for distributors in your location, for their 8AM series motor protector.

Going on the part information it is a 60A, bi metal, 69°C close/150°C open, crimp terminal connection type protector.

Klixon was acquired by Texas Instruments and is now part of the product range of Sensata Technologies.

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