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My laptop screen flashes a logo on startup, then goes completely black

When I start my laptop, the screen shows the logo, then turns completely black. It's still on, and plays sounds, I can hear the fans and even log in blind and everything. It's just that the screen is completely dark.

I've tried pressing Windows + CTRL + Shift + B, and it only makes a beeping noise. I can actually make the BIOS show on my screen fully on startup, so it's not a hardware issue either.

What do I do?

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Hi @ireallyrea40702

It could very well be a hardware issue or perhaps it is a video driver issue.

Start the laptop in safe mode (see option #2 How to enter Windows 11’s Safe Mode by stopping the PC from booting normally) and check if you have a display showing the Windows desktop.

If you do this is just to prove that the integrated Intel GPU in the CPU is OK and that the problem may be with the discrete Nvidia GPU on the motherboard or the Nvidia video drivers installation.

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Thanks! It works now. This is a kind of late reply, but I thought I should still thank you for your help.


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