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shuts down with 4 blinking red lights

My XBR 65x950g started failing a few months ago. It would play for a while and turn off. Finally, and this is where it is now, the TV will start and the boot up process starts. Then the back light starts up and a second later it shuts down with 4 blinking red lights. I tried the BL_ERR pin ground trick but no luck. Same thing happens. Tried a new power board. Same thing. So is it my T-Con board? I have noticed in the start up sequence that a green light come on the middle board, then a small red light comes on and it shuts down with the 4 blinking red lights. I have a video of this sequence but not sure if I can insert it here.

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Hi Bob,

I have this problem too and am just starting to investigate it. Any luck fixing the issue?




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Hi @andreas29338

If you also have a Sony XBR 65X950G TV then according to the service manual, a 4 blink error code could be either a problem with the LD board, the screen or maybe the tcon board.

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