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Repair manuals and information for Microsoft's Surface Studio all-in-1 desktops.

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Will the motherboard of Surface studio 2 fit in the base of Studio 1?

Is it possible to install a Surface Studio 2 motherboard in a Surface Studio 1 base?

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It would be nice if ifix it shows a video comparison of this motherboard.


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Based on the Service Manual for the Studio 2 and iFixit's teardown for the Studio 1, the boards look to be the same shape, but it the ports on the back are different, so the cutouts won't match up, Otherwise, I suspect they are fairly similar and would probably fit just fine. But you would have to modify the back of the base so all the ports are accessible.

This also assumes all of the other hardware in the device is cross compatible, which may not be the case. But connectors are all in the same places, so it could work in theory.

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