Glitch in the electrical system

You are driving down the road all of a sudden the chime goes off the whole dashboard reboots the wipers activate. Some times it does this repeatedly other times once n that's it. It will go for months and not do it again. Other times for an entire trip. Had one code said misfire so changed all 6 plugs and wires even the coil. Went weeks then doing it at random. We have even pulled into truck stop unhooked battery and let it sit for awhile. Sometimes this stops it other times soon as we get going it will start again. It's driving me nuts trying to figure it out.

I have pulled every fuse and relay no corrosion or other signs of damage. When we got it negative battery clamp was broken.I swapped it to exact OEM replacement has dialectic grease on both freshly cleaned post. Has a new alternator all connections cleaned and lubed same as battery. The entire spark system has been swapped out plugs, wires and coilpack all lubed where called for. Checked out the driver door wiring harness and no shorts in it or broken wires.

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Hi @robertcookson

Perhaps check if the cable/cable connections to the BCM (body control module) are secure, clean, undamaged and not corroded.

This module controls most of the non engine or transmission related functions in the vehicle.

You may have to search online for its location in the vehicle as it can depend on the year of the vehicle.

Just a thought


Cable is under the fuse block cable is tight and no damage. We won't talk about how stupid of a place they put it. Thank you for your reply.


I do not have a bidirectional scan tool just an elm27 to read codes.


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