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Fix Toshiba Smart TV Model 43LF711U20

TV can turn on but the image is broken.

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Hello Sam. Do you mean that you can hear sound but image is black? Is led permanently on or does it blink?


Yes, I can hear the sound. The image is NOT black but broken into several pieces. I can see the color and image will fuzzy on and off. Please highlight the link below and open it.

Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.


Just show your video. Seems like the lcd is broken inside. Unfortunately repairs like that are so expensive that is better just to buy a new one and sell this one for parts.


I want to make sure the LCD is broken. I know buying a new SmartTV is the best option. Hopefully, there are some people who will confirm that the LCD inside broke. I already have a pending SmartV order in my amazon account.

"Amazon Fire TV 50" Omni QLED Series 4K UHD smart TV, Dolby Vision IQ, Fire TV Ambient Experience, local dimming, hands-free with Alexa."


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@samxiu it's 100% a broken LCD. There is absolutely no fixing it. If anything you will need a new display. Since you already decided on purchasing a new TV, at least remove the boards from this one and sell them at places like or any other site you can think off. Dispose of the rest in an environmentally conscious way. Don't just toss it in a bin to the landfill,

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