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An E-reader released by on April 27th 2016. The model number is SW56RW.

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Separate charge cover battery.

I hope you are well. I am just checking if you have any information of changing the battery (and which battery to order) for the Kindle Oasis (2016) 8th Generation Charge Cover (which is separate to the kindle). I have seen the details for changing the battery in the actual Kindle - but not the charge cover.

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Hi @jamesmellors

Here's a video that shows how to replace the battery in the charge cover for the tablet.

There is a link under the video to a battery supplier. Alternatively look for the battery model number which is printed on the battery (too small for me to see clearly in the video) and then search online for the battery model number to find other suppliers that may suit you better.

Another good way to loosen the adhesive under the battery as opposed to what is shown in the video, is to apply Isopropyl Alcohol 99%+ (available from electronics parts stores) using a syringe, along the edge of the battery to soften the adhesive so that you can gently pry it loose a bit then apply some more gradually freeing the entire battery a bit at a time. Here's a video that shows what I mean. Start at 3:49 minutes into the video. You may have to apply more times as you keep lifting the battery as the battery in the charge cover is bigger. If you do this then ensure that the battery is disconnected from the circuit board first.

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I changed my battery.. it is quite a process. You have to steam off the glued on leather and pull off the glued in plastic back destroying it. Then change the battery which just snaps in, make a new plastic back and glue everything back together.

Bad news is I can’t recommend any battery.. the more expensive high capacity battery I found would not charge and the cheaper one worked but the capacity is as bad as my old original battery.

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