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Repair information for Asus E Series laptops.

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Asus e402y does not turn on

initially my PC informed me that I had to plug in the charger even though this was already the case and it turned off on its own after a certain moment so I removed the battery and plugged it into the mains it categorically refused to turn on in that case. Until today it does not turn on either with the battery or without

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@ridoinecou98928 it is possible that you AC adapter is just not charging your battery. First you want to check your power supply. Make sure it has the proper voltages. Check to make sure connectors are not bend etc. After that, check the charging port. Clean it of any debris etc, use a few puffs of air to clean it out. Check the DC-in jack of your laptop. Make sure there is no corrosion, debris etc. that prevents it from working. If none of this works, get a ammeter and see if your laptop draws any amperage from the charger. After that, you need to check and see if your motherboard even gets power. For that of course, you need to open it up. Post Some good pictures of what you see. That way we can see what you see Adicionar imagens a uma pergunta já existente

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thank you very much for your response I thought it was a more serious problem since the repairman advised me to change the motherboard I will get an ammeter and I will do as you said


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