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The Turnigy 9X is an inexpensive and highly hackable transmitter for remote controlled aircraft.

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Horizon Hobby refuses to send parts

I have been trying to order a very simple part for the repair of an electronic transmitter manufactured by spektrum rc (now owned by Horizon Hobby).
They continue to demand that the item must be sent in, but I have already removed the broken part and it only required removal of 6 screws. I live in NY and I know we passed a bill recently that requires some level of compliance in providing replacement parts.
Does anyone have any recommendations for how to give Horizon a little push in the right direction? It would be ridiculous and wasteful to send the whole unit in for such a simple repair.

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@josh96635 sometimes a nice call with somebody a little higher up than the parts department, might work. Explain your situation and maybe point out the recently passed bill (in clarify and not vague terms) might help. If that does not work, try a bit of public shaming. Ultimately you must remember that we (fixer and DIY'ers) are still at "their mercy" for parts. Just because bills have been passed does not mean that companies are now going to be our newest BFF.

If nothing else be ready to cut your losses. Replace the parts with parts from another used/damaged unit. Find a donor control to get the parts from. They can only hold you hostage if you let them.

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As they do not use third party authorized repair providers, they are not subject to the NY law.

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