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MIIX battery replacement foil

I am replacing the battery on my MIIX and I have to remove the copper foil during the repair from the bottom of the battery and motherboard. Do I need to get new foil or am I fine without

Update (09/06/23)

Hi @jayeff

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Hi @cactus_1549,

Does it look like this?

If so then yes it has to be replaced because it is part of the heatsink for the CPU.

Search online for 5H40J79872 to find suppliers that suit you best.

Here's the hardware maintenance manual for the tablet that may be of further help if necessary.

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Hi @Jayeff

No in the manual when separating the battery from the motherboard there is foil which is copper on the bottom underneath the battery and the motherboard. Do I need to get any more of that or yeah



So there are two pieces of foil, one piece under each, motherboard and systemboard?

If they're joined somehow then it would act as a heat sink as it gives a bigger area to dissipate the heat.

If not joined it would still be a heat sink of some kind for the battery maybe to stop it from overheating.

There's no fan in the tablet so that may be the reason. The heat has got to be taken care of some how.

The strange thing is that only the one I linked is shown in the parts list for the model


Part number





The parts list shows the battery as part #5B10J80112 with no substitutes and no mention of the foil

Click on Select Commodity > Rechargeable batteries (internal (1)

It must be some kind of heat sink for the battery or a shield perhaps but the foil was put there for a reason as manufacturers don't spend more than they have to when making products. Being copper it wouldn't be cheap either so I'm thinking it's a heat sink rather than a shield because you can get away with using cheaper aluminium for a shield.


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