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Repair and disassembly guides for Samsung printers.

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Samsung CLP300 laser printer does not take paper I have to help it


I have a clp300 printer that is almost new. I use it for few pages/month.

Unfortunately the printer does not take the paper sheet from the paper tray.

I can improve the situation in two ways:

1) opening and closing again rear door sometimes solves the problem but for few sheets.

2) if I "help" the printer pushing the sheet with my hand it always take it and print it.

It seems a problem of the first stage of the sheet input.

What can I do?



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Couple of things you should look at with this problem it could be :


1. Check the On/Off operation of the pick-up Solenoid using the EDC Mode.


1. Replace the Solenoid, harness or Main PBA.


2. Check the Friction Pad surface for dirt or other contamination.


2. Clean the Pad-Friction using a lint free cloth and water or IPA.


3. Check that the paper is not creased, folded or curved.


3. Use fresh paper.


4. Check that the Paper Guide in the cassette is properly adjusted and that paper is poperly loaded.


4. Adjust the Paper Guide and load paper under the Finger.

Also check the paper path and the solenoids. You can test a variety of solenoids by following these instructions.This function allows the operation of various solenoids and clutches to be checked.

<How to operate>

a) Press the "<" or ">" key until "Solenoid Test" is displayed.

b) Press the "Enter" key to select this function.

c) Press the "<" or ">" key until you see the name of the clutch or solenoid you wish to test.

d) Press the "Enter" key to run the test. The test is stopped by pressing the "Upper Level" key.

e) Pressing the "Upper Level" key when the test is already stopped will return to step 'c' above.

f) Pressing the "Upper Level" key again will return to the EDC main menu." Hope this helps.

Block Image

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The main issue with these printers are the pickup wheel. This tends to dry out and cause the paper to slip.

Open the back door to the printer and you will see a wheel on the bottom. 2 clips holding this in place. Undo the clips and it should be pushed down to release it. Once ot has been release you can access it from the front.

Once the wheel is out of the printer remove the rubber belt and wash it with warm water and soap. I used a putty knife to scrape the layer of crap that was on it. Be sure not to scrape to hard that it will tear. Once cleaned replace back on the wheel and replace wheel back on printer.

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I had this issue on mine, and there are a couple things to fix it.

1) make sure to observe the orientation of the thick rubber band, one direction grips the paper better, make sure to put it back on the correct way.

2) there is a clip that holds this “rubber band” on the roller “foot“ that picks up the paper. that can be removed and add a layer or two of a thick tape like duct tape or electrical tape. This effectively makes the “foot” stick out farther to grab the paper.

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Can you please do demo video?

Thank youuu. It says "PAPER PROBLEM"


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