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Repair and disassembly information for the AirPods (3rd Generation) wireless earbuds from Apple.

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I need my air pods fixed?

Where do I go in San Francisco to get my "(air pods)" repaired ,I can not find a place at all?,,the wire 's came louse on right side when i droped it ,i no what is wrong with them

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Waiting for answer to my ?


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@marvin34360 the common goal for all of us on here that answer questions, is to empower people to repair their own devices. We try to stay away from giving any recommendation to any repair facilities, unless they are known to this community. As you can imagine, any recommendation will never be an objective answer since everybody has their own personal experiences. It will also attract a lot of Spam Answers, Here are the ones that are listed and known to the community. I would contact this user, who is known to us as knowledgeable and reliable

After that, your google search will be as good as any of our recommendations.

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