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Repair guides and disassembly information for the MacBook Pro 16'' released in November of 2019. Model A2141, EMC 3347.

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MacBook 2019 restarting on Apple logo (SSD dead or not?)

Hello, I have MacBook 2019 (A2141) with T2 apple chip

I have problem that one day without any problems it starts to reload everytime on Apple logo in a circle.

Only way to stop it is to hold power button for 10 sec. But one more strange is when close the laptop it starts to load in circle again (For this service tried to detach lid sensor, now no load on laptop close, but it did not fixed/changed startup)

So what tried
1) NVRam/Pram reset not working
2) CMS reset not working
3) Cannot load to Recovery and Internet Recovery Mode (opt+R) - after loading it from internet Mac restart again
4) Cannot load to Diagnostic and Internet Diagnostic Mode (opt+D) - after loading it from internet Mac restart again
5) Cannot load to Safe Mode
6) Cannot load to Single User Mode
7) Loads to Target Disk Mode - but it not visible on connected mac
8) Loads to Startup Manager, but after selecting USB drive with MacOS/Ubuntu installer - Mac reloads again

So I don't know what to do. I really need data on my SSD
-One service said that it is problem in Discret Graphics Chip.
-Another service said that problem is in SSD
(but first service said, that if problems was in SSD, then T2 MacBook ever will not show apple logo or make sound, because UEFI located in SSD - my is showing)

So please can you help.

If this problem with SSD or not?
How can I truly check that problem not in SSD(if it is true because loads to Apple logo)?
Can I somehow save my data?

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Someone can help me?


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Problem was software, fixed by reinstall T2 via Apple Configurator
But data cannot be restored(
Disk Drill can not help, maybe some advices?

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If you restored with Configurator, then data is probably a goner, or will need someone with a lot of experience in data recovery. The problem here is that machines often have Disk encryption turned on, so when they are erased, all the data that would be discovered by Disk Drill is also encrypted. So even if it could scrub up files that are still on the disk, they can't be interpreted by the software without decryption.

Data retrieval is also much more difficult after a disk has been reformatted, which is necessary as part of configuration restore.


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