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Where to get a power button?


Where can I get a power button for an iPod touch 3rd gen? I do not see any on eBay and when looking in google I only see one for $10! Its just a piece of essential plastic, thats a lot of money for one little part. If its what I have to pay though I'll do it.

So again, my question is where can I get a replacement power button (the plastic piece) for an iPod touch 3rd gen 32GB (and yes I'm sure its a 3rd gen).

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Corry, check on places like this. Remember, that is where the expensive places get their stash from :-) Sometimes they list a minimum quantity, but I found that the people are very negotiable on their terms and easy to deal with.

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Thanks oldturkey! I'll see if I can pick one up from there. So far I can tell that the digitalizer has a small crack and a small chip, the backplate is beat up, and the LCD screen may be faulty.

If the owner had tried to replace the digitalizer but ripped the cable, could that stop an iPod touch from booting?

Also, is quality control from those places (the link) pretty good?

Thanks! The teardown guide for the iPod was great! I tore the whole thing down in 30 minutes, with the most difficult thing being the clips on the front digitalizer.


It shouldn't stop it from booting, but anything is possible. Once you replace the digitizer, it should work again. I have now purchased from those places for the last 4 years and have not had any issues at all. Only problem has been the wait for shipping, it usually takes a bit longer. .


Right now, DFU mode, resetting, and leaving it to charge has not done anything. iTunes and the system in general cannot see it. This is a known good USB cord, it charges our 1st gen no problem. Its on a good USB port on the computer (iMac) itself, not the keyboard USB.

and I hate to ask, but one more question :P

any opinions on multimeters? I think I will need one for this iPod project. Harbor Freight makes poor quality ones, but I heard most people have not had issues, according to the Arduino forums.


go with a cheap analog one. I find the digital are sometimes to slow to respond. Harbor freight or's all good:-)



Harbor freight probably, as walmart supported sopa until the bill was chopped.

Thanks again!


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