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The Mitsubishi MMCS NR-242 Series with SD is a car navigation system produced by Mitsubishi Motors that includes an SD card slot for expanded storage capacity. It was succeeded in 2017 by the Mitsubishi Smartphone Link Display Audio (SDA).

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Hello, the screen has gone black and does not respond.

Hello, the screen has gone black and does not respond.

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Have you turned off the car while the update was running?

Normally the unit should just produce an error code when it fails to update.

Disconnecting the cars' battery for 15 minutes should reset the device and enable you to try again.

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The update failed. The screen has gone black. The mitsubishi dealer does not offer me a solution. Well, they offer me to change the screen at a price of more than €7,000 (it's not a mistake... €7,000!). i need an autorun to install the software again. Do you know how I can get it?

Thank you.


@carlosberm59725 You should go to an independent repair shop with good reviews and have them take a look at it.

If they can’t fix it you could maybe get them to install a used unit. You can get used units really cheap online and it’s just a relatively standard 2DIN module, so labour cost shouldn’t be too much. They might even be happy to source it for you.


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