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A compact robotic ball from Sphero. About the size of a ping-pong ball. Released September 29, 2017, model number M001BRW

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Sphero 2.0 guide for battery replacement

Is there a guide anywhere for the sphero 2.0 battery replacement? Searched sphero and this was the only thing i found

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Hi @theostillplays

Here are two videos that may be of some help

video 1

video 2

Most of the guides found on ifixit are created by users just like you, who are more interested in repairing their devices and helping others to do the same, rather than sending it to landfill

Create a guide as you are repairing your device and post it here on ifixit. No doubt others in the future will thank you for doing so. Here's How to Create a Guide on ifixit

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Yikes, if the only way to open it is by sawing it open, i see why there’s not a guide on here



If you go gently then it is possible but the trick is to seal it again or you get creative like the one shown in video 1


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