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Replacement battery 5V for beatsX A1763

Hi, I am trying to a replacement battery for my BeatsX A1763 S/N FTTVLLTLJC2H. On the back where the battery is it says: 5V=1Amp. All I can find is 3.8V.

Hope you can help me.

Kind regards, Janneke

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Hi @jannekehart,

Post some images of both sides of the battery in your question.

Here's how to do this on ifixit Adicionar imagens a uma pergunta já existente

All the batteries I've found for various BeatsX models use a 3.8V Lithium battery so 5V would be very unusual as it isn't a standard value for a Lithium battery, 4.7V is the closest


Hi Jayeff, thank you very much for your answer.

The battery is still inside but it writes it on the outside where the battery is in.

I made a picture but it is very difficult to get it sharp. If you enlarge the image you maybe can see it.


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There's no image link to your question here on ifixit

Are you sure that the 5V - 1A doesn't mean that it the specification required for the power adapter that is connected to the beatsX?

It's not unusual for the adapter voltage specs to be shown on a device near where it is plugged in.

Use this video to open it up and check what it says on the battery itself. Then use that information to search for suppliers.

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Hi jayeff, sorry for answering again but I finally managed to add picture. If you enlarge the photo you can just see what it writes. I am afraid that if I buy a 3.8V battery it won’t work



If you open it up I'm fairly sure you'll find that it's a 3.8V battery.

A Beatsx is charged using a USB cable attached to a charger and it only supplies 5V.

To charge a battery the supply needs to be greater than the battery voltage otherwise it won't charge.

An example is a car battery. There's a 12V battery in a car but the alternator supplies between 13.9V -14.5 V to charge it when the motor is running. The same with a mobile phone. It only has a 3.8V battery but needs 5V to charge it


Oh thank you so much! You cannot imagine how happy I am with your answer.

Kind regards from the Netherlands, Janneke


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