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Repair and troubleshooting documentation for Frigidaire dishwashers.

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Frigidaire Gallery dishwasher fgip2468uf

This dishwasher has started to not drain in all wash cycles. I can put it in diagnosic mode and fill it with water then make the pump drain and it's fine. If we put it in normal rinse mode it drains just fine. I've made sure the filter is clean and also made sure nothing is in the drain area by the little ball.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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Hi @ggoldsm590

Do you get an error code if you run the diagnostic service test #7 i.e. drain test?

If you haven't already got it here's the service data sheet that may help.

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No the drain test runs just fine. This it what's so confusing



Wonder if there's a problem with the drain flapper valve.

It supposed to prevent backflow from the drain although why the dishwasher works OK in rinse only idk unless there's a problem with the household drain that the dishwasher drain pipe is connected to is not draining quickly enough


No issue with the kitchen drain pipe at all. It's just very weird



Maybe worth checking the flapper anyway just in case it is sticking closed


I'll pull the unit out and check it this weekend


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