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Honda presented the 2011 Odyssey Concept in early 2010 at the Chicago Auto Show and officially on June 17; with a larger, wider body, a lower roofline and revised styling. A Touring Elite model became available.

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2011 Odyssey EX-L Suddenly Turned Off Fully Even The 12V System

My mom was picking my dad up from the airport, and when she was driving there, the battery light lit up, and eventually, the ABS light and others lit up too. My mom arrived at the airport, and the van was still running. When they were going home, more and more lights lit up, and after being like a couple of miles away from home, the van suddenly turned off all its lights, even its screen, everything! Everything was pitch black, and the engine stopped too. My parents had to leave our van at our neighbor's house since it was unable to be driven. What is the cause, and is there a solution? Thanks!

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Tried opening the hood and looking around? There's usually one serpentine drive belt the engine runs; alternator, power steering, water pump and ac compressor. Is the battery new or several years old and worn out? Are battery connections intact, clean and free of corrosion? The more you do it yourself may save on costs when a repair shop is involved.


I mean, we have replaced the alternator a month ago. We will see under the hood later on.



Check the voltage across the battery terminals is approx.12V DC

If not then the battery hasn't been charged by the alternator when the engine is running.

What may have happened is that if there is no output from the alternator or the voltage regulator is faulty then the car would be using the battery until it went flat.

Although the battery light should have been on well before this happened.

As @notbroken, suggested check the serpentine belt first and if that is OK then there's a problem with the alternator or the voltage regulator which is in the alternator. Or it could be the wiring from the alternator.


I had the same problem too before and we already know the battery was dead so we got a new battery in my Honda odyssey 2016.


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Just an update. Actually, the van's alternator broke again, and it damaged the battery. Repairs are getting done.

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