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The Ridgid R860054 is a brushless and cordless 2-Speed Drill/Driver typically packaged with two 18 volt rechargeable batteries. The drill’s simple lightweight and ergonomic design makes the drill the perfect tool for both jobs around the house and occasional heavy duty use.

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The battery charger for this device is not working.

The battery charger was plugged into an outlet that had 240v going through it for a few seconds. Then it failed to light up or charge a battery.

There looks like a resistor or capacitor that burned and failed when I open the charger up. Can you repair this?

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@trevor17566 keep in mind what we are trying to do here. We are not just about repairing devices for the sake of repair, but every successful repair keeps a device out of the landfill. It maybe cheaper to buy a new charger if you would need to pay somebody to repair your charger. iFixit tries to empower you to fix your own. Here you get advice, direction and support to fix things Yourself!

In your case, you may only need a few components for a “couple of bucks” and your time. Maybe a couple of hours of missed streaming on Netflix ;-). Follow the advise given by @jayeff and let’s see what you got going on here. Everything is a guess until we at least see what may have gone up in smoke. Remember this:

Repair is War on Entropy!


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@trevor17566 Generally it's not cost-effective to try to fix a cheap charger that's been plugged into the wrong voltage. More likely than not, the damage is quite severe because twice the current has been pulled through the charger.

This is a case where you really should simply purchase another one.

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it should have reverse polarity overvoltage protection and as required by European market ,

i still wouldn't write it off until it been stripped and tested ..


Ridgid is an American brand that runs on 110V. It is not sold in the European market and so will not have European protections.

It's a low-end tool brand so it's a $20+ charger, how much labour and parts are you going to put into diagnosing a $20 charger?

Its not that it's not repairable, it just doesn't make any economical sense to do so.


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Hi @trevor17566,

Post some clear, close up images of the motherboard,showing the damaged components. It may be possible to identify them so that it can be repaired.

here's how to do this on ifixit Adicionar imagens a uma pergunta já existente

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