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The Nest cam is a security camera by Google that helps it's users keep their homes safe.

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How do I open up the Google Nest Cam Outdoor Weatherproof Cable

I am trying to insert the wire through an exterior wall and want to make the smallest hole possible. I can't find a way to open up the plug to remove the wire. Can anyone help? Thanks!

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Hi @triumphdisaster

Try opening up the camera, disconnect the cable from the camera and then feed the camera end of the cable through the hole from the inside of the wall back to the camera and reconnect it.

Here's the ifixit Nest Cam Outdoor S guide that may help.

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Thanks for the response, @jayeff. I apologise for not being clearer. I wish I can add a pic but here it is

As you can see, it connects to the camera by magnet. I just need to remove the plug from the cable so I can pass it through a smaller hole. Last resort is to cut the cable and spliced it back. It will be ugly af.



If there is a "seam" around the body of the plug, try using a 1 1/2" paint scraper to open it up. The sharper the edge of the blade the better.

Place the scraper along the longer edge seam and give the scraper a short sharp tap with a hammer.

The idea is to effectively pull back as you're hitting so as to not drive the scraper through the plug but to merely crack the case open along the seam.

When I do it this way I have a 75% success rate that the plug case will crack open along the seam without damaging the rest of the case. The other 25% of the time the case will split and crack.

If it cracks along the seam you may find that there's a "lip" on the inside along the seam on one half of the plug case that has cracked (this lip is used when joining the 2 halves together), but it will be hidden when the case is closed again. Once open you may have to prise it open further but usually it will come apart.

Once you have unsoldered the cable wires (takes pictures first!) and fed the cable etc, to close the case you may be able to seal it or simply tightly wrap electrician's tape around it to hold it closed. Glues are problematic as not all them glue plastics effectively or at all. I've had a "superglue" that actually melted the plastic.

If the case cracks then you may have to remove the cable etc and then after getting it installed work out how to put the case back together again.

If there is no seam then you may have to cut it open with a hacksaw blade or score it repeatedly with a sharp blade or similar. Just don't cut too deeply as you don't want to damage anything inside.

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