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Diagnosing and determining what is wrong with my TV

I have been trying to diagnose a problem with my Sony TV(Sony Bravia XBR-55X900A) where it starts out with static, goes white, and then turns into vertical lines. Based on the issue I have, it has suggested to be a Tconn or ribbon cable issue. I have wiped down all the ribbon cables with alcohol and reinserted them to no success as per and The 3rd quarter of the screen being white instead of static is due to a broken cable while I was cleaning. It behaved the same before and after the cable was damaged.

Attached is a video of the issue. Could this be a display issue or is it the Tconn board?

Thank you for looking!

EDIT (requested):

Here is when I take out either left or right cables(top of Tcon board that connects to motherboard):

This is the tcon board:

Block Image

When taking out one of the two cables for the right side:

The cable itself:

Block Image

Block Image

Final pic:

Block Image

Final Video after replacement:

What I taped:

Block Image

What the TV displayed:

Block Image

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@amarpmo that is not a T-con board issue. that seems to be a panel issue or a ribbon cable issue. Tell us more about your broken cable and you do know that you will have to replace it. you want to do that while you do anymore troubleshooting. You do want to go ahead and test your TV by first removing one ribbon cable from the T-con board. Turn it on , see what happens. Turn it off and replace the ribbon cable, remove the next one and turn on. Let us know what exact behaviors your TV showed with each ribbon cable having been removed.

Next, we need to see your boards. Remove the back cover from your TV and post some good pictures of your boards. There might be a way that we can determine which part of the panel or cable may need replacing. It is important to realize that his is all about your Television. While the links are good, they are more of a distraction at this point since we need to know what your TV does. We can always come back to those, once we know what you are dealing with.

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Hello. The ribbon cable in the post (i am pointing to it) where I damaged some of the copper contacts while fiddling with it. It is the 3rd/4 which is why the 3rd quarter panel is not changing when I pull out the left and right T-con cables. Before I damaged it, the screen would react the same just would not be a full white bar. It would fade to black and have vertical lines like the rest of the screen.

It seems the behavior is the same when I take out each of the cables. I have added the videos to the post.


@amarpmo it does the same fading with one of the ribbon cables removed? You never have a "dead" (either black or just wide etc.) side?


Yes same fading on either side. It's only all black when both are removed at the same time


@amarpmo okay so when you disconnected the ribbon cable what did the side show that was disconnected? I know it seems like being picky, but there is a difference between this being a T-con board issue, or a panel issue. Right now, it looks like a panel issue. you will need to have a replacement ribbon cable before you can attempt to fix it, if it is a panel issue. The T-con board will not fade like your panel did.


So there are 2 ribbon cables on top (connects to motherboard) and 4 on the bottom (connects to LCD) as you see in the picture. When removing either of the top two ribbon cables, it produces the fading you saw. When I remove one of the four bottom cables (2 for left and 2 for right side of screen) it makes the half white. I removed one of the cables for the right side of the screen and it makes the right side white (as shown in video). As your can see that's the damaged connector as the contacts are broken for that one cable (causing the white block on the 3rd quarter of the screen when all cables are in).


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