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Apple's successor to the 30-pin dock connector. This cable has been bundled with most Apple mobile products since 2012-2021

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Need help figuring which wires to connect for charging

I am doing an experiment and trying to connect a usb c part of an iPhone charger cable to a usb a part. When I opened the charger that had a USB c, it didn't look like anything I have seen before (has 1 blue, 1 white, 2 copper, 1 green, and 4 uninsulated wires.) the usb a part has the standard (1 white, 1 red, 1 green 3 uninsulated)

which wires do I connect for charging? and which wires do what? (like ground, data -/+ etc) I cannot connect the wires to the port because I do not have to materials to do that.

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white = Data -

red = +5V

green = Data +

ground is ground.

Take a look at the answers on here USB-C to lightning wiring diagram as well as on here Don't know how to arrange the wires to the USB connector of the cable

Explain to us what you mean by this "I do not have to materials to do that"

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I dont have a new connector, although I do have solder so I will risk trying to solder the part together

i am currently trying to open the usb c part to look at the pins


@gajab the pinout should be the same as in the second answer i linked to.


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